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Why the Cheapest Exterior Cleaning Company May Not Always Be the Best Option

20 Jun 2023 7:45 AM | Jamie Schmidt (Administrator)

With the changing seasons, it becomes necessary to freshen up your home's exterior. However, it's crucial to remember that not all exterior cleaning companies are created equal. It can be tempting to opt for the company with the lowest bid, but the old adage, "you get what you pay for," can be particularly pertinent in this case. Here are several important things to consider before hiring the cheapest exterior cleaning company.

  1. Potential for Property Damage: Power washing, often perceived as an easy business to start, attracts a plethora of entrants. While an entrepreneurial spirit should be applauded, it's essential to remember that power washing is not just about spraying water at high pressure. It's a craft that requires technical knowledge, finesse, and proper training. Hiring an inexperienced company can lead to severe damage, such as etched concrete, ruined roofing from improper power washing, and siding damage due to incorrect techniques.
  2. Hidden Costs: While the upfront quote may seem like a bargain, you could face hidden costs down the line due to insufficient or shoddy work. Repairing damage caused by improper cleaning methods can often be more expensive than the initial cost of hiring a more reputable, albeit pricier, company.
  3. No Guarantee of Quality: Lower costs often correlate with compromises in quality. This could mean hiring a team without the necessary skills or knowledge, leading to mediocre cleaning results.
  4. Lack of Professionalism and Responsiveness: Cheaper companies might not provide the level of customer service you'd expect. This could mean poor communication, missed deadlines, or a lack of reliability.
  5. Insufficient Insurance: It's imperative that any company you hire has appropriate insurance coverage. Lower-priced companies may skimp on this, leaving you financially vulnerable if something goes wrong during the cleaning process.

For these reasons, we recommend seeking an exterior cleaning company affiliated with the Professional Worldwide Mobile Cleaning Association (PWMCA). PWMCA members are committed to continued education and adhere to safe, proper techniques to clean their clients' properties. They bring with them the promise of quality, professionalism, and the assurance that your property will be treated with the care it deserves.

Remember, the goal is not just to clean your home's exterior but to do so safely and effectively. While it's essential to budget responsibly, it's equally important to invest in a service that respects and preserves the value of your property. It might seem like you're saving money with the cheapest option, but in the long run, the potential for damage and substandard work could cost you much more.

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