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The PWMCA was developed out of the idea that as a network we could bridge the gap often times overlooked by orgs or other groups. The PWMCA is a place for contractors to learn and keep up with the industries we represent; it is also a place for consumers to find qualified contractors in their areas. Whether it is educational events or certifications the PWMCA is a network of likeminded contractors that are striving to serve the communities they represent in a way to better themselves, the association and communities they work in. Our motto is Education Inspires Motivation.


Mission Statement: PWMCA It is the mission of the PWMCA to help all mobile cleaning contractors in their businesses. It is further our goal to be a support system for the industries we represent. PWMCA will accomplish these things by being a fellowship of contractors that can network and learn from each other. PWMCA will host functions geared toward learning and support any group or organization that shows a willingness to implement positive change in our industries. PWMCA will be a group of individuals that work separately but network together to make sure our members are judged by their respective merits not by the color of their skin, sexual orientation, business size, or even the other groups they support. PWMCA will hold the members to a higher standard and desire the members to hold the PWMCA to the same standards. Together we can broaden the horizons of our respective industries and develop positive motivation as we proceed forward. It is the goal of the PWMCA to be in the forefront of education and motivation in the industries we represent. PWMCA will strive for every member to be prideful of the association and for the PWMCA to be prideful of every member it represents.

  • Pressure Washing

  • Soft Washing

  • Window Cleaning

  • Deck Restoration ​

  • Carpet Cleaning​

  • Roof Cleaning​

  • Gutter Cleaning​

  • Concrete Restoration

  • Brick Restoration

  • Paver Restoration​

  • Fleet Washing​

  • Commercial ​

  • Residential