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  • 21 Jul 2023 7:38 PM | Jamie Schmidt (Administrator)

    Rhino Blast Exterior Cleaning, a locally owned and family-operated company based in Southeast Louisiana, has garnered a reputation for providing exceptional mobile cleaning services. At the helm of this outstanding business is David Rivas, a dedicated professional and member of the Professional Worldwide Mobile Cleaning Association (PWMCA). Together with his wife Lacey, David's commitment to excellence and their client-centric approach have made Rhino Blast Exterior Cleaning a trusted name in the industry.

    Delivering Unmatched Quality:

    Rhino Blast Exterior Cleaning is synonymous with quality. David Rivas understands that exterior cleaning is not just about enhancing the appearance of a property; it is about preserving its integrity and adding value. With a focus on attention to detail, David ensures that every project undertaken by Rhino Blast exceeds customer expectations.

    Professionalism in Action:

    As a member of the PWMCA, David Rivas upholds the highest standards of professionalism in the mobile cleaning industry. PWMCA is an organization that fosters knowledge sharing, skill development, and ethical practices. David's affiliation with this esteemed association reflects his dedication to staying informed about industry advancements and providing his clients with cutting-edge techniques and services.

    Comprehensive Services for Every Need:

    Rhino Blast Exterior Cleaning offers a comprehensive range of services tailored to meet the diverse needs of their residential, commercial, and multi-unit clients. From pressure washing to roof cleaning, gutter cleaning, window cleaning, and more, the company's skilled team utilizes state-of-the-art equipment and industry-leading techniques to deliver outstanding results.

    Customer Satisfaction at the Core:

    David Rivas understands the significance of exceptional customer service and puts it at the heart of Rhino Blast Exterior Cleaning's operations. By taking a client-centric approach, David and his team ensure that every customer's unique requirements are understood and met. Their focus on effective communication, attention to detail, and prompt responsiveness has earned them a loyal customer base and numerous positive testimonials.


    David Rivas & Lacey, are the driving force behind Rhino Blast Exterior Cleaning and a member of the PWMCA, has elevated the standards of mobile cleaning services. With a focus on unmatched quality, professionalism, and a customer-centric approach, David and his team consistently deliver outstanding results to their clients. Their commitment to excellence, coupled with their active community engagement, sets Rhino Blast Exterior Cleaning apart as a trusted and exemplary company in the industry.

  • 23 Jun 2023 7:51 AM | Jamie Schmidt (Administrator)

    As homeowners, we know how vital regular maintenance is to safeguard our houses and ensure they remain both comfortable and aesthetically pleasing. One significant area of your home that may be overlooked in your cleaning schedule is the roof. Regular roof cleaning is an integral part of maintaining the integrity of your home, as it prevents the build-up of dirt, moss, algae, and other contaminants that could lead to premature wear and tear.

    When it comes to finding a reliable and professional roof cleaning company, one excellent resource is the Professional Worldwide Mobile Cleaning Association (PWMCA) contractor locator. But why should you specifically seek out a PWMCA member for your roof cleaning needs? Let's dive into the reasons.

    Knowledge and Expertise

    PWMCA members are experts in their field, with a deep understanding of the best techniques and equipment to get the job done right. They know how to effectively remove the various types of dirt and debris that can accumulate on roofs without causing damage to the structure or surface. They also understand how to deal with different types of roofing materials, whether it's tile, asphalt, metal, or wood.

    Commitment to Quality and Customer Satisfaction

    Members of the PWMCA have a strong dedication to delivering superior service and ensuring customer satisfaction. The association’s stringent guidelines for membership mean that when you choose a PWMCA-certified company, you're partnering with a team that is dedicated to high-quality work and complete customer satisfaction.

    Ethical Business Practices

    As a part of the PWMCA, companies are expected to adhere to a strict code of ethics that demands honest, fair, and professional behavior. These companies are committed to treating clients with respect and ensuring complete transparency in their business dealings. You can trust that pricing will be fair, the work will be completed as promised, and any disputes will be handled with integrity.

    Continued Training and Education

    The field of mobile cleaning is always evolving, with new techniques, tools, and materials regularly being introduced. As such, PWMCA members have access to continuous education and training opportunities to stay on top of the latest developments. This ongoing learning ensures they can provide the most efficient and effective service possible.

    Understanding of the Importance of Right Insurance

    PWMCA members recognize the importance of having the right insurance. This means that they carry the necessary insurance policies to cover any incidents that might occur during the cleaning process, providing an added layer of protection to the homeowners. PWMCA members understand that having the right insurance is not just about protection against unforeseen accidents but also about demonstrating their commitment to professionalism and responsibility.

    In conclusion, when looking for a roof cleaning company, leveraging the PWMCA contractor locator can guide you to a trustworthy and proficient service provider. By choosing a PWMCA member, you are assured of a company dedicated to quality service, continuous learning, ethical business practices, and customer satisfaction. Let these professionals handle the dirty work of roof cleaning while you enjoy the peace of mind that comes from knowing you've entrusted your home to experts.

    To find a contractor in your area visit

  • 20 Jun 2023 7:45 AM | Jamie Schmidt (Administrator)

    With the changing seasons, it becomes necessary to freshen up your home's exterior. However, it's crucial to remember that not all exterior cleaning companies are created equal. It can be tempting to opt for the company with the lowest bid, but the old adage, "you get what you pay for," can be particularly pertinent in this case. Here are several important things to consider before hiring the cheapest exterior cleaning company.

    1. Potential for Property Damage: Power washing, often perceived as an easy business to start, attracts a plethora of entrants. While an entrepreneurial spirit should be applauded, it's essential to remember that power washing is not just about spraying water at high pressure. It's a craft that requires technical knowledge, finesse, and proper training. Hiring an inexperienced company can lead to severe damage, such as etched concrete, ruined roofing from improper power washing, and siding damage due to incorrect techniques.
    2. Hidden Costs: While the upfront quote may seem like a bargain, you could face hidden costs down the line due to insufficient or shoddy work. Repairing damage caused by improper cleaning methods can often be more expensive than the initial cost of hiring a more reputable, albeit pricier, company.
    3. No Guarantee of Quality: Lower costs often correlate with compromises in quality. This could mean hiring a team without the necessary skills or knowledge, leading to mediocre cleaning results.
    4. Lack of Professionalism and Responsiveness: Cheaper companies might not provide the level of customer service you'd expect. This could mean poor communication, missed deadlines, or a lack of reliability.
    5. Insufficient Insurance: It's imperative that any company you hire has appropriate insurance coverage. Lower-priced companies may skimp on this, leaving you financially vulnerable if something goes wrong during the cleaning process.

    For these reasons, we recommend seeking an exterior cleaning company affiliated with the Professional Worldwide Mobile Cleaning Association (PWMCA). PWMCA members are committed to continued education and adhere to safe, proper techniques to clean their clients' properties. They bring with them the promise of quality, professionalism, and the assurance that your property will be treated with the care it deserves.

    Remember, the goal is not just to clean your home's exterior but to do so safely and effectively. While it's essential to budget responsibly, it's equally important to invest in a service that respects and preserves the value of your property. It might seem like you're saving money with the cheapest option, but in the long run, the potential for damage and substandard work could cost you much more.

     Find a PWMCA member contractor in your area by visiting

  • 13 Jun 2023 2:29 PM | Jamie Schmidt (Administrator)

    As the old saying goes, "You never get a second chance to make a first impression." This saying rings especially true when it comes to selling your home. With the growing competition in today's real estate market, presenting your home in the best light is more important than ever. A significant part of that presentation is your home's curb appeal. Curb appeal refers to the attractiveness of your property from the street, and it's often the deciding factor for prospective buyers.

    Jamie Schmidt, a professional from Greenway Pressure Washing in Cherry Hill and founder of the Professional Worldwide Mobile Cleaning Association (PWMCA) explains how his services are tailored to help clients enhance their curb appeal. "We have bundles designed for clients looking to sell their homes," says Schmidt. These bundles range from roof washing and siding washing to concrete pressure washing. These services not only help improve the physical appearance of your home but also save homeowners the time and stress of managing these tasks.

    In a buyer's market, it's crucial to stand out. Realtor Kevin Wallace from MLS Direct in Cherry Hill reiterates the importance of curb appeal. According to Wallace, "Curb appeal is one of the most important items that should be taken into consideration when selling a home. It's the first thing seen, and it could make or break a person's interest."

    The exterior of your home is essentially the book cover that can invite potential buyers to explore what's inside. Failing to take curb appeal seriously can be a costly mistake for sellers. Here are a few ways to optimize your home's curb appeal:

    1. Keep It Clean: Pressure washing your home's exterior, driveway, walkways, roofs, and patios can give it a refreshed look. Not to mention, a clean exterior is an indication of a well-maintained home.

    2. Maintain the Landscape: A well-manicured lawn, vibrant flowers, and trimmed shrubs can instantly improve your home's curb appeal. Consider hiring a professional landscaping service if necessary.

    3. Update Your Front Door: The front door serves as the focal point of your home's exterior. A fresh coat of paint, a new doorknob, or an attractive wreath can do wonders.

    4. Add Outdoor Lighting: Outdoor lighting isn't just about safety and security. It can also highlight your home's best features and add a cozy feel.

    5. Fix Visible Damage: Fix any noticeable damage such as cracked windows, broken shingles, or peeling paint. These issues can send a red flag to potential buyers.

    If you're considering enhancing your home's curb appeal but lack the time or expertise to do so, there are professionals who can help. The Professional Worldwide Mobile Cleaning Association (PWMCA) is an excellent resource to find an exterior cleaning professional in your area. These experts can handle all of your pressure washing and soft washing needs, ensuring that your home's exterior is in top shape when it hits the market.

    With an investment of time and resources into your home's curb appeal, you stand a better chance of making a successful sale in a competitive market. The allure of a well-presented home can be the deciding factor for a potential buyer, enticing them to step inside instead of merely driving by. So before you place that "For Sale" sign in your yard, consider your home's curb appeal - it might just be the key to selling your home successfully.

  • 12 Jun 2023 7:19 AM | Jamie Schmidt (Administrator)

    When it comes to cleaning the exterior of your home, choosing the right company is crucial. With numerous options available, it can be challenging to determine which one will provide the best service while ensuring the safety of your property. In this blog post, we will discuss some important factors to consider when hiring an exterior cleaning company.

    1. Reviews:

    One of the first things you should do is research and read reviews about the company you are considering. Online platforms such as Google, or social media can provide valuable insights from previous customers. Look for consistent positive feedback regarding their professionalism, quality of service, and customer satisfaction. Keep an eye out for any negative reviews or complaints and consider them as well.

    1. Insurance:

    Ensure that the exterior cleaning company you choose has appropriate insurance coverage. This is essential for protecting you and your property in case of any accidents or damage that may occur during the cleaning process. Some companies may advertise low prices but lack proper insurance, leaving you liable for any mishaps. Request proof of insurance and verify its validity before making a decision.

    1. Soft Washing Process:

    Ask the company about the process they use for washing the surfaces of your home. Soft washing is the safest and most effective method for cleaning delicate surfaces, such as siding, roofs, or painted areas. Unlike high-pressure power washing, soft washing utilizes specialized detergents and low-pressure techniques to eliminate dirt, mold, and grime without causing damage. Ensure that the company you hire understands and implements this gentle approach.

    1. Property Protection:

    Inquire about the measures the company takes to protect your property during the cleaning process. Exterior cleaning involves the use of water, chemicals, and equipment that can potentially harm electrical outlets, cameras, doors, or landscaping. A reputable company should have a plan in place to safeguard these areas. Ask about their strategies for protecting vulnerable elements and how they minimize the risk of accidents or damage.

    1. Continuing Education:

    Consider hiring a company that values ongoing education and professional development. Exterior cleaning techniques and equipment evolve over time, and a company that stays updated with the latest industry practices is more likely to provide superior service. The Professional Worldwide Mobile Cleaning Association (PWMCA) is an organization that promotes knowledge sharing and high standards within the industry. Checking their directory can help you find qualified contractors in your area.


    Choosing the right exterior cleaning company is crucial to ensure the cleanliness and preservation of your home's exterior. By considering factors such as reviews, insurance, soft washing methods, property protection, and a commitment to continuing education, you can make an informed decision and hire a reputable company. Remember to research, ask questions, and prioritize the safety and well-being of your property. With the right exterior cleaning professionals, your home will shine and remain in excellent condition for years to come.

  • 1 May 2023 6:52 PM | Jamie Schmidt (Administrator)

    As a home service business owner, you're constantly hustling to keep your customers happy and your business thriving. It's easy to get swept up in the idea that working 7 days a week will lead to more success, but it's important to recognize the potential negative consequences of this approach. In this post, we'll discuss the reasons why working non-stop can be harmful to your business, your personal life, and your overall well-being, while also acknowledging the need to balance commercial work demands that sometimes require working on weekends.

    1. Burnout: Working 7 days a week can easily lead to burnout, leaving you physically and emotionally exhausted. Burnout not only affects your health but also impacts the quality of your work, resulting in decreased productivity and customer satisfaction. Taking time off to recharge is essential for maintaining both your business and personal well-being.

    2. Lack of Work-Life Balance: Maintaining a healthy work-life balance is crucial for long-term success and happiness. Overworking yourself can strain your personal relationships and leave you with little time for hobbies, leisure activities, and self-care. A sustainable work schedule that allows for personal time will not only improve your mental and emotional health but also help you maintain the passion for your business.

    3. Inefficient Time Management: Working non-stop often leads to poor time management. When you're constantly in work mode, it's easy to get caught up in small tasks and lose sight of your priorities. Effective time management involves setting goals, prioritizing tasks, and delegating responsibilities, ensuring that your business runs smoothly even when you're not physically present.

    4. Stunted Business Growth: As a business owner, it's essential to have time for strategic planning and growth initiatives. By working 7 days a week, you're likely to focus solely on day-to-day operations, limiting your business's potential for expansion and development. Setting aside dedicated time for long-term planning and innovation can help your business reach new heights.

    5. Decreased Employee Morale: If you're working 7 days a week, it's likely that your employees are also feeling the pressure to do the same. This can lead to decreased morale, increased turnover, and overall lower job satisfaction. Encouraging a healthy work-life balance for yourself and your employees can lead to a more motivated, loyal, and productive team.

    6. Balancing Commercial Work: We understand that commercial work sometimes requires working on weekends. While it's important to accommodate your clients' needs, it's equally crucial to ensure that you strike a balance between commercial and other types of work to maintain a sustainable schedule. This not only helps prevent burnout but also allows you to provide better service to your clients by being more focused and efficient.

    Conclusion: While it may seem like working 7 days a week is the key to success, it's important to recognize the potential downsides of this approach. Prioritizing self-care, work-life balance, and effective time management can not only help prevent burnout but also lead to a more successful and sustainable business. Additionally, finding a balance between commercial work and other types of work can help you maintain your passion and drive for long-term success. Remember, it's essential to find a balance that works best for you and your business, as this will help you maintain your passion and drive for long-term success.

  • 1 May 2023 7:33 AM | Jamie Schmidt (Administrator)

    Your home's exterior is exposed to the elements, which means it requires regular cleaning and maintenance to keep it looking its best. When it comes to selecting an exterior cleaning company, it's essential to choose one that is both educated and experienced in the industry. Greenway Pressure Washing's Jamie Schmidt, based in Cherry Hill, explains why this is so important: "Over the years, we have seen a lot of damage to roofs, siding, and concrete from companies using incorrect procedures. Unfortunately, with the explosion of social media platforms like TikTok, you have people teaching others to enter the pressure washing industries that themselves don't know what they are doing."

    That's why Schmidt recommends going to the PWMCA (Professional Worldwide Mobile Cleaning Association) when looking for a pressure washing company. PWMCA members are invested in continuing education to provide their clients with the best service possible. To find a PWMCA contractor in your area, visit

    1. Proper Techniques and Equipment: An educated and experienced cleaning company will use the correct techniques and equipment to ensure your home's exterior is cleaned safely and effectively. In contrast, an unqualified or inexperienced cleaner may inadvertently cause damage to your property by using high-pressure methods that can strip paint or damage siding and roofing materials.

    2. Protecting Your Investment: Your home is likely one of the most significant investments you'll make in your lifetime. By choosing an educated and experienced exterior cleaning company, you're protecting that investment and ensuring your property maintains its value. This can be especially important when it comes time to sell your home, as a well-maintained exterior can make a significant difference in the eyes of potential buyers.

    3. Peace of Mind: Lastly, hiring a quality exterior cleaning company will provide you with peace of mind. You'll know that your home is being cared for by professionals who are knowledgeable about best practices and industry standards. You can trust that the job will be done correctly and without causing any unintended harm to your property.

    Conclusion: In conclusion, when it comes to choosing an exterior cleaning company, it's crucial to prioritize finding a quality, educated company that will safely and effectively clean your home's exterior. By doing so, you can prevent costly damage, protect your investment, and enjoy the peace of mind that comes with knowing your property is in good hands. Remember Jamie Schmidt's advice and make sure to do your research when selecting an exterior cleaning company, ensuring they have the proper knowledge, experience, and commitment to quality work. Using resources like the PWMCA can help you find the right professional to care for your home's exterior.

  • 2 Mar 2023 8:06 AM | Jamie Schmidt (Administrator)

    The Professional Worldwide Mobile Contractor Association (PWMCA) is an organization that promotes excellence and professionalism in the mobile contracting industry. One of the members of this esteemed association is Jim Durda, the owner of South County Softwash.

    South County Softwash is a top-notch roof and exterior cleaning company that has been serving the Washington County, Rhode Island, and eastern Connecticut areas for years. The company has built a reputation for providing high-quality services to both homeowners and property managers in the region. Their services include roof cleaning, soft washing, and pressure washing, among others.

    As a member of PWMCA, Jim Durda is committed to upholding the highest standards of professionalism and quality in his work. He is dedicated to staying up-to-date with the latest industry trends and technologies, and he actively seeks out opportunities to expand his knowledge and skills.

    Jim's commitment to excellence is evident in his work. He uses only the best equipment and cleaning solutions to ensure that his clients' roofs and exteriors are thoroughly cleaned and restored to their original condition. He also takes great care to protect his clients' properties during the cleaning process, using safe and effective techniques that minimize the risk of damage.

    In addition to their  commitment to quality workmanship, South County Softwash  is also dedicated to providing exceptional customer service. They understands that every client has unique needs and expectations, and work closely with each client to ensure that their specific requirements are met. They are always available to answer questions and provide guidance, and are committed to making the entire process as easy and stress-free as possible for their clients.

    Overall, Jim Durda and South County Softwash are shining examples of the kind of excellence and professionalism that PWMCA seeks to promote in the mobile contracting industry. Their commitment to quality workmanship, advanced technology, and exceptional customer service make them a top choice for homeowners and property managers throughout the region. If you are in need of roof cleaning, soft washing, or pressure washing services, South County Softwash is a name that you can trust.

  • 8 Feb 2023 8:36 PM | Jamie Schmidt (Administrator)

    Bobby Beach, the owner of The Rainmaker Powerwashing LLC based in Seaside Heights, NJ, is a dedicated member of the Professional Worldwide Mobile Contractors Association (PWMCA). He is known for his investment in education and participation in industry events, as well as his commitment to providing top-notch services to his clients.

    Bobby holds multiple house washing certificates from the PWMCA, and has even been awarded for his exceptional work by the association. This recognition serves as testament to his commitment to excellence and his passion for his trade.

    The Rainmaker Powerwashing LLC offers a range of services, including soft wash house washing, soft wash roof cleaning, window cleaning, gutter cleaning, and concrete pressure washing. Bobby's approach to his work is centered around providing a high-quality service at a great value to his clients. He is passionate about giving back to his community and ensuring that his clients are completely satisfied with the services they receive.

    Bobby's dedication to the industry extends beyond just his own business. He is committed to sharing his knowledge and expertise with others, and is a frequent attendee of industry events where he can learn and network with other professionals in the field. He is a firm believer in the importance of staying up-to-date with the latest techniques and technologies, and is always looking for ways to improve his services and provide the best possible experience for his clients.

    In conclusion, Bobby Beach of The Rainmaker Powerwashing LLC is a valuable member of the PWMCA and a respected professional in the industry. He is dedicated to providing his clients with top-notch services and is committed to giving back to his community. If you're in need of power washing services in the Seaside Heights area, you can't go wrong with The Rainmaker Powerwashing LLC.

  • 8 Feb 2023 9:00 AM | Jamie Schmidt (Administrator)

    Blue Water Power Washing LLC, located in Montgomery County Pennsylvania services Montgomery County, Pennsylvania and surrounding areas is a top-notch exterior cleaning company that takes pride in its exceptional services. Owned and operated by Cody Ludwig, a proud member of the Professional Worldwide Mobile Contractors Association, the company operates with the belief that your home is your sanctuary and should be treated with the utmost care.

    At Blue Water Power Washing, customer satisfaction is their top priority. This is why they make sure that every job is done right the first time, ensuring that their clients receive the best possible service. The company offers a wide range of services, including house washing, roof cleaning, concrete pressure washing, wood restoration, window cleaning, and gutter cleaning.

    House washing is a delicate and important service that requires special care and attention. At Blue Water Power Washing, Cody and his team use safe and effective methods to clean and maintain the appearance of your home. They use high-quality detergents and the latest cleaning techniques to achieve the best results, making your home look beautiful.

    Roof cleaning is another essential service offered by Blue Water Power Washing. The buildup of moss, algae, and other debris can not only make your roof look unsightly, but it can also cause damage to the roof and its underlying structure. With their professional roof cleaning services, they can remove these harmful elements, extend the life of your roof, and improve the overall appearance of your home.

    In addition to roof cleaning, Blue Water Power Washing also offers concrete pressure washing services. Concrete surfaces, such as driveways, patios, and sidewalks, can accumulate dirt, grime, and other unsightly substances over time. Their pressure washing services can remove these stubborn stains and restore the original look of your concrete surfaces.

    Wood restoration is another important service offered by Blue Water Power Washing. The harsh elements of nature can cause wood to become faded, worn, and damaged over time. Cody and his team have the skills and experience to restore the original beauty of your wooden structures, including decks, fences, and gazebos.

    Window cleaning and gutter cleaning are also important services offered by Blue Water Power Washing. Clean windows can make a significant difference in the appearance of your home, while clean gutters can prevent water damage and protect your home's foundation. With their professional window and gutter cleaning services, they can make your home look great.

    In conclusion, Blue Water Power Washing LLC is a top-notch exterior cleaning company that takes pride in its exceptional services. Owned and operated by Cody Ludwig, a proud member of the Professional Worldwide Mobile Contractors Association, the company operates with the belief that your home is your sanctuary and should be treated with the utmost care. Contact them today for all your exterior cleaning needs.

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